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Seasonal Fruit Salsa Premium PD Recipe

Incorporating raw polyphenol protection is easy and exciting on a starch-based, fruit and veg-forward Protective Diet when we naturally sweeten up the savory with seasonal fruit. This week’s recipe for Seasonal Fruit Salsa makes it even more effortless to enjoy year-round colorful, raw, fresh, microbiome-populating produce, even when traveling. Jerry and I delight in this pico-style fruit salsa during the apricot, peach, and plum harvest, then transition into pears and apples in autumn. In the dead of winter, we celebrate the sweetness of pineapple and kiwi season while looking forward to mangos and strawberries in the spring. Then summer returns with its carotenoid-rich apricots to start stone fruit season again. Winter, spring, summer, or fall our skin’s golden glow intensifies with an abundant consumption of color-rich and disease-protective polyphenols. Whether at home or traveling, this recipe will assist you in making grain bowls that are protective and full of flavor. When away from home, I seek out gourmet grocery cases with prepared pico made with sweet peaches and mangos diced with warming jalapenos, spicy serrano, or hot habaneros flecked with aromatic onion, garlic, and cilantro. The protection and flavor in these tiny tubs of diced convenience can’t be beat! Fresh fruit boosted with alliums and capsaicin will fuel travelers when paired with satisfying starch energy. Pick up a tub of fruit salsa, hot rice, baked potatoes, fresh corn tortillas, or a roll of rice cakes for a healthy on-the-go meal. When at home, cut food costs by preparing quarts of seasonal fruit salsa for quick to assemble 50/50 Pro Bowls. Jerry and I press anthocyanin-rich blue corn tortillas into salty baked chips as a fun activity in our workplace for wellness. The increase of protective color on our plate increases warm skin tones and offers internal sunscreen protection. In the summer of 2023, our young fruit trees turned two and offered us yellow and orange carotenoid-rich fruit. Our friends mentioned the bright golden tone of our skin. Our dramatic color change confirmed the golden glow skin study results of people who ate a diet rich in polyphenols and developed an attractive warm glow. I have included more protective benefits with the study link in the notes below the recipe.