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Mediterranean Diet Recipes We’ve Been Loving

While we love getting in the kitchen and creating recipes, we equally love enjoying other Mediterranean diet recipes that we’ve found around the web. Today we are sharing some of the recipes that we’ve been loving lately.

Recipes We’ve Been Loving Lately

All the recipes we are sharing are actual recipes that we’ve made and enjoyed lately. Included a few notes on each for further details.

Cucumber Edamame Salad from Dishing Out Health

recipe image via Dishing Out Health

We saw this recipe on Instagram and immediately saved it to try during the week. Since first trying this recipe, we have made it seven more times. It’s that good.

  • so simple
  • easy and quick to make
  • minimal ingredients needed
  • good source of plant based protien

Braised Short Ribs from Damn Delicious

image via Damn Delicious

Whenever the weather starts to change away from Summer and lean towards Fall, this is a dish we always make. It’s hearty and so flavorful, a perfect cozy dinner.

It may seem like you need a lot of of ingredients, but most are items you might already have on hand (dried spices, garlic, vinegar, etc).

What to serve with the short ribs –

  • mashed potatoes or polenta
  • a wilted spinach salad with mushrooms
  • gnocchi

The sauce is excellent, highly recommend!

Baked Chicken Parmesan from Well Plated by Erin

image via Well Plated by Erin

We are HUGE fans of chicken parmesan and I love this recipe because the chicken is baked (instead of fried) and only has a light breading. It’s so easy to make and it was a family favorite. Makes perfect leftovers as well.

A few notes on tweaks we made to the recipe –

  • Recipe calls for 50/50 mixture of Italian breadcrumbs and whole wheat. I didn’t have either so I used panko and added italian seasoning to the panko
  • Recipe calls for egg whites but I just used a whole egg instead

Whipped Cottage Cheese with Marinated Tomatoes by Food Dolls

image via Food Dolls

I saw this recipe on Tiktok and immediately made it because we have so many late season tomatoes in our garden.

It is fantastic!

It’s creamy and packed with flavor.

Bonus – the cottage cheese adds in some protein.

Mediterranean Diet Recipes on Repeat

In addition to the recipes above, our meals have been packed with old favorites as well.

Greek Salad – we have this multiple times a week with dinner. It’s just so easy and quick. Plus we typically always have the ingredients on hand.

Harboiled Eggs with Pesto – not really much of a recipe but a weekday lunch staple. Love using this Instant Pot Hardboiled Eggs tutorial when making the eggs.

Sesame Garlic Edamame – getting my kids to eat veggies isn’t always easy but they LOVE this recipe. Bonus – it only takes 10 minutes.

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Last modified: September 11, 2023