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Canned Sugar-Free Whole Apple Sauce Premium PD Recipe

Protective Diet canning incorporates the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. On a Protective Diet we maintain a sensitive sugar-free palate. I have modernized canning apple sauce with a food processor and a high-speed blender to increase our protective fiber consumption. Incorporating high-fiber peels is the health bonus of making Whole Apple Sauce rather than making or buying traditional organic, sugar-free, additive-free apple sauce. My apple sauce is darker due to the inclusion of red peels. The rich color reminds me of how high-fiber, whole-grain bread is deeper in color than white bread. Hence the name—Whole Apple Sauce. Sourcing free apples or planting fruit trees makes canning cost-cutting vs. buying fresh apples, jars, and lids. Jerry and I have planted apple trees, but until they mature and offer us fruit we buy commercial, organic, sugar-free, additive-free apple sauce. We are blessed to receive a few fresh bushels of fruit as a ‘thank you’ when we assist older friends by climbing and picking their fruit trees for them. They are grateful not to have their fruit go to waste and we love the activity in nature. We also enjoy helping our neighbors clean up their landscapes by gathering the fallen fruit from their trees which we use to enrich our garden compost. When we notice fallen fruit, we reach out to make new friends enjoying their golden years. We climb and pick for them so they can enjoy their fruit safely with both feet on the ground. We part with hugs, buckets of fruit, and new friends who teach us about their lives in the valley. I return with gifts of Sugar-Free Sheet Pan Apple Cake, Protective Diet Plant-Based Yogurt, jars of Sugar-Free Whole Apple Sauce, or produce from my garden. Our new friends are toasting their oats, layering plant-based yogi bowls, and running out to the street to greet us as we wave and walk by with the dogs. Our life elevated when walks around the block filled with fellowship and connection to our community and nature.

Julie Marie