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Tips On Traveling Internationally With Children

Traveling internationally with children may seem like a hassle. No matter if your children are very young or teenagers, it can be difficult to maneuver through foreign airways with an entire family. International travel is something many millennial parents hope to introduce their children to. However, traveling abroad with kids can create stress and anxiety that ruin the experience.

Parents across the internet have been sharing tips for years on how to travel internationally with children. In a post-pandemic world, many have adapted to a new normal as they venture out overseas with their families. Here are some of the top tips internet parents said can make traveling internationally with children easier, fun, and less stressful.

Seek Out Shorter Flights

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Everyone knows that flying with children can be extreme. From getting through TSA to boarding, kids can make airport navigating more difficult. When it comes to international travel, children can have a hard time understanding the duration of travel. Many parents advise sticking to shorter international flights for those traveling with toddlers and infants. While some kids might have more travel finesse than others, most younger children may struggle with restlessness on excessively long flights. For some parents, this may mean being honest about how long of a flight your child can endure and adjusting travel plans to meet their needs.

Use Your Carry-On For Extra Necessities

Traveling with little ones may require parents to over-prepare. Many parents say the carry-on bag is where preparation goes to work on international trips. Kids require a little extra than most adult travelers, especially if they’re really young. Traveling internationally can be a lot for kids so it’s important to accommodate their needs on long flights and in new destinations.

Parents should keep their carry-on stocked with goodies for their little ones. This includes tablets with interactive games, snacks for hungry bellies, small toys, and other goodies to comfort and soothe your child. These things not only come in handy while flying but also once you reach the destination. According to the Washington Post, most airlines also allow those traveling with kids under 2 to bring sippy cups and bottles onboard. So keep those handy.

Consider Accommodations With Perks For Young Travelers

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Many airlines and hotel brands offer perks for child travelers. Emirates offers a variety of amenities for young flyers including access to organic baby food, formula, discounted bassinet seating, and priority boarding for families. Japan Airlines offers a 75 percent discount for passengers under 11. JetBlue was ranked as the best overall airline for families with extra legroom, advanced seat assignment and in-flight entertainment specialized for kids.

Before arriving at your destination, many parents also suggest seeking out hotel accommodations that cater to children. Consider resorts like Moon Palace The Grand in Cancun with inclusive amenities and excursions for children. Many luxury hotel brands like Four Seasons also have kid’s clubs for fun designed with them in mind.

Always Have A Back-Up Plan

One thing parents agree on is that anything can go wrong when traveling with children internationally. It’s important to plan ahead and always have a backup plan for when things change. Be sure to keep extra everything handy when traveling with smaller children. That includes everything from diapers and wipes to a change of clothes. Once you and your family reach your destination, keep in mind plans can be prone to change. Take time to assemble alternate plans, routes, and itineraries before heading overseas with your kids.