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This $9 Amazon Splash Guard Prevents Water Damage and Takes Up Zero Space

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When you hand-wash a particularly large load of dishes, there’s usually a small sense of peace and accomplishment that follows. Look at all those clean, shiny plates, lined up to dry on the rack, you think. It’s tempting to then walk out of the kitchen with little regard for the space surrounding the sink and what condition it’s in. But, speaking as someone who’s been admonished more than a couple of times for leaving countertops dripping wet after scrubbing down cookware, you want to finish the job all the way. Typically, that might entail wiping the faucet down with a rag. This task isn’t difficult and usually just takes a few seconds, but it’s annoying nonetheless. There’s a simple solution, however, in the form of a sink splash guard. We found one on Amazon that gets the job done according to more than 600 five-star ratings, and it only costs $9! (Plus, you can apply a 15% off coupon before checkout ahead of Prime Day!)

The great thing about this silicone mat is that it takes up zero space, so even those with tiny kitchens can install it without having to make room. It measures 14 inches long, nearly 6 inches wide, and has a hole in the middle that allows you to pull the splash guard over your sink faucet. Once it’s lying flat on the counter, you can place your dishwashing supplies on top and never have to worry about a wet backsplash again. That’s because this gadget not only protects the surface underneath it, but it also catches water that sprays in its direction and releases it back into the sink via two built-in drainage ports. As a result, the area around your faucet won’t succumb to water damage or nasty bacteria, even if you forget to wipe it.

Amazon shoppers who bought the splash guard love that it doesn’t budge and remains easy to clean. “I have butcher block counters in my kitchen, which I love, but I was worried water sitting on the wood around the faucet would ruin them,” one reviewer wrote. “This contraption does great! I can also sit my sponge on the side to dry, and I just throw it in the dishwasher when it starts to look a little gunky!” Indeed, the guard will keep your sponges dry and clean — plus, you can even store glasses on it to dry if your dish rack runs out of space. Most importantly, for less than $8 with the coupon, you’ll be preventing potentially expensive water damage and lessening the burden of an otherwise tedious chore.