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Spicy Tahini Ranch | The First Mess

An overhead shot shows a container of spicy tahini ranch in direct sunlight. The top is swirled with hot sauce and garnished with chopped herbs.

Ready within 10 minutes, this creamy and spicy tahini ranch is the perfect addition to your weekly meal prep. It’s made with simple ingredients, like tahini, hot sauce, lemon juice, Tamari, water, and agave nectar, and requires only a quick whisk to bring it together. Filled with zippy and zesty flavours, as well as fresh dill and chives, this lush sauce is a great companion to any salad, roasted vegetable, or as a dip with a tray of crudités and crackers! It’s also naturally vegan and nut-free.

An overhead shot shows a hand dipping a roasted sweet potato wedge into a container of creamy spicy tahini ranch sauce.

My love for tahini holds no bounds. Its potential for the creamiest and dreamiest sauces is key in the world of plant-based cooking. The spread made of ground sesame seeds is naturally nutty, a touch sweet, and a teeny bit bitter. Just so well-balanced on its own! I am also a lover of ranch dressing/dip, especially spicy variations. I knew that I could make this classic condiment work with wholesome tahini as my base.

Spicy Tahini Ranch Ingredients:

  • Tahini and cold water: when you combine these two, you get such a luscious and rich sauce. My preferred tahini brand is Soom.
  • Lemon juice: this adds the *tang* that is so key for tahini ranch dressing.
  • Olive oil, Tamari & and agave nectar: traditional ranch is made with buttermilk/sour cream (or both) and mayonnaise as the base. The dairy has a natural hint of sweetness and depth, and the mayonnaise is extra rich. Adding olive oil, Tamari, and agave nectar helps us get closer to those flavour profiles.
  • Hot sauce: because we want it spicy! Use your go-to brand.
  • Onion powder and garlic powder: more classic ranch flavours, and so much easier to use here than their fresh counterparts.
  • Fresh dill and chives: I love the punch of fresh herbs (and always have these two on hand), but offer measurements for dried herbs in the recipe notes.

My favourite thing about this recipe is that it simply needs a quick whisk in one bowl. No blender necessary! You can keep it in a sealed container in the fridge for about a week–making it excellent for meal prep. The sauce will firm up a bit in the fridge, so I recommend stirring in a teeny splash of water when you pull it out.

Baked sweet potato fries are excellent dipped in this spicy tahini ranch recipe! Any crispy, roasted vegetable is great though. For more recipes using tahini, check out my Maple Tahini Glazed Cauliflower with Chipotle, One Jumbo Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookie, and these Loaded Shawarma-Siced Fries with Lemony Tahini.

A 3/4 angle shot shows a container of spicy tahini ranch in direct sunlight. The top is swirled with hot sauce and garnished with chopped herbs.
An overhead shot shows a round container of creamy sauce with some baked sweet potato wedges on a plate nearby.

Spicy Tahini Ranch

A drizzle or dip of my spicy tahini ranch makes any salad or roasted vegetable so much better. With only 10 ingredients, this creamy and zesty vegan sauce is ideal for meal prep.