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Getting Fit After 50 Is Possible

I get this question all the time,  I am over 50, am I to old to Get Fit?  Getting Fit After 50 Is Possible.  Frank shows us how he lost over 30lbs in 12 weeks.  We went in and taught him the Hitch Fit lifestyle which included what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, workouts, cardio, supplement recommendations and how to change your mindset.

Hitch Fit takes the guessing out of everything, You just have to follow..

Over 50 and Fit


In January of 2020 I was so happy in life, except for my physical look. Everything in my life was high performing. My spiritual relationship was growing, my marriage was spectacular, my children were thriving, life was great. All but one area of my life. My physical appearance. No health issues.  I just looked at pictures of myself and was disgusted to be completely frank.

I made a decision that 2020 was going to be different than previous years.  I decided to change my fitness level and not allow life to derail my efforts. Not this time I constantly said to myself.

I started 2020 weighing 239 pounds.  That was a breaking point for me. 240 pounds seemed like such a large number to the kid that was always skinny growing up and could never seem to put on weight or muscle. I created my own plan, cleaned up my nutrition some, but certainly not enough, and I got to work and remained consistent. During the year of 2020 I lost right at 40 pounds. I maintained that weight until July of 2021.

In July of 2021, after my wife (who is an ICU cardiac travel nurse) had completed a 13-week assignment taking 40-50 year old’s to the morgue on a regular basis decided she was going to make a change. We both agreed to go all in and change our physical health. We decided to pursue optimal health.

Fit Over 50


We had been talking about achieving a much higher level of health and fitness and we knew we needed guides that had achieved a high level of fitness. We went all in with Travis and Britt Just’s as our trainers. My wife and I made a commitment to follow whatever they told us to do. No matter what. The results were amazing by November of that year. We both excelled and the best part our trainers became our good friends as well.

Fast forward to an event called Rockbody where I met Micah LaCerte for the first time. I had no idea who he was, but Travis spoke so highly of him I couldn’t wait to learn from Micah. I did not arrive at that event with the body I wanted. I was disappointed at myself for not following the meal plan like I should have. The gym part has NEVER been a problem for me!  Travis and Brittany had done their job, we however had not. Particularly me. I was just angry at myself for not doing my best.

Ripped After 50

After listening to Micah tell me that getting fit after 50 is possible and having a “I am not happy with my body moment” at Rockbody, I made another decision. I was going to make a change and I wanted to follow a Hitchfit program. My wife and I both signed up for a 16-week couples’ program to shed our body fat. We followed the plan, but I would say 75-85%. Not like we should have.

We had some life events that occurred during that time that derailed us a bit. We still made significant progress, but not as much as we had planned. Not because of the plan or the coaching…because we didn’t follow the plan with complete dedication.

In January of 2023 I signed up for another program. This time I wasn’t going to allow anything to become an obstacle. Everything was proceeding well until February. One of my very good friends and mentor, Travis Just passed away in an accident. I was devestated. I gave myself a day to mourn and decided that I would honor Travis in the only way I knew he would want. Develop the best body that I could by the end of the program.

I channeled my grief and heartache into one more rep and not allowing myself to faulter on the nutrition portion of the program. Micah led me all the way with encouragement and “tough love” when needed. He has a “knack” of knowing when to push your buttons!

Fit Couple

I have always known that if you want to go to a level, you have never achieved it is much easier to find a “guide”, a mentor, to lead the way for you. You still have to do the work, but learn from someone that has been there before!

I finished the 12-week Fitness Model program with a trip to Rockbody Retreats in Mexico and celebrated with a photo shoot. I started the 12-week program at 202 pounds and arrived in Mexico at 172 pounds. More importantly than the weight, I drop pounds of body fat and many inches off my body. My abdominals have become visible for the first time since my early 20’s.

Get Abs After 50

Micah and Hitch Fit has guided me to my best body and fitness level I have ever achieved. I am certainly not finished, as fitness is a relentless pursuit. A lifestyle of healthful living. I am committed to becoming the best version of myself, and outside of your spiritual well-being, your physical health is most important.

Hitch Fit has been that guiding light in a world filled will an overload of fitness information that cannot always be trusted. I know that Micah will always guide you to become the best version of yourself…sometimes more than you want it for yourself! Getting Fit After 50 Is Possible, I’m Living Proof

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