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Hiya hi, and say hey to Friday.

So it seems like once the cool weather peeks around the corner, most peeps take a craving for savory, rich, comfort food. Or am I confusing fall with winter? Any which way you slice it, for me right now, I’m all about the comforts of roasted squash in salads. The other night, I had a fantastic roasted squash and kale side dish from one of our favorite pizza joints that was essentially a salad. It made the cravings kick in. So what did I do? I hopped to and made this kale crunch fest with creamy sweet bsquash and wild rice. OMG, it’s literally a craving I’m so glad I didn’t deny. And the leftovers were mwwwaaa!

What recipes are you craving right now? I seriously, really do, want to know. I send recipe ideas in emails to those on my newsletter list most days of the week but I want to deliver what ya’ll are looking for! So let me know. Email me or simply hit reply if you’re getting this in your email box and I’ll try and share what you’re hankering for.

But first, this week’s list of Friday Faves. Enjoy le weekend!

It’s been another horrific news week. Humanitarian aid is needed now more than ever. Here’s a comprehensive, vetted list of how you can help humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza.

A reporter’s role in war (as told by two journalists). This was an informative listen—definitely recommend it.

This movie (based on the book) looks so good.

57 Halloween costumes that have already won Halloween.

The art of quitting.

73 questions with Gwyneth Paltrow. How dreamy is that garden?

I love this so much. Moms rule.

13 fall books for food lovers.

Taylor Swift’s NYC restaurant guide. But where’s Travis?

I just want to cozy up with a big bowl of this baked gnocchi.

These snack bars feature two of my favorite fall fruits.

It’s the perfect time of year to make my favorite apple crisp. I AM ON IT!

Here are 3 (better than takeout) dishes I’m dying to try”

This shrimpy recipe is right up my alley.

My mouth is watering over this stuffed spaghetti squash.

Craving this pumpkin focaccia—YUM.

The perfect pancakes for slow Sunday mornings.

This fall salad brings the crunch.

Short on minutes? Try this sheet pan salmon dinner.

This creamy chicken dish would be perfect for a cozy date night in.

Okay, we all know cheese and charcuterie boards, but what about a french fry board?! Perfect for game day.

Also, this charcuterie skeleton is super cute.

Speaking of entertaining, I made these when we had company recently and they were a HUGE hit.

Food decor is a hot trend these days. Here’s a cute roundup.

These condiment dishes add some style to the table in a pretty, earthy way. And they’re totally affordable!

What a great little bag and price, too (love the tan color).

Been hearing good buzz around this nail-strengthening polish (that’s a stellar price too).

A stylish and comfy LBD.

Love this cozy fleece.

The peril of sitting too much.

Highly recommend this 12-minute deep rest meditation, especially when you’re feeling anxious.

That’s all for this week. Get out and play then get back in and cook some good grub.

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