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Favorite Amazon Products – Averie Cooks

Amazon Prime Day is coming up on July 11-12, 2023. In advance of that, I want to share some of my favorite products and things I have bought on Amazon.

Some of these are one-time purchases that I don’t need to make again, and others are things that I buy over and over.

Not everything (actually many things) are NOT on an Amazon Prime Day deal but since you may be doing some shopping on Amazon anyway, I wanted to make sure you could drop some of these goodies in your cart too!

My favorite products!

This post contains affiliate links for products I love. Averie Cooks earns a small commission on these links at no cost to you.


Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve Coffee Pot – I love this Keurig because it’s so slender and has a very small countertop footprint, essential in my small California kitchen.

Magnetic Wooden Knife Block – I have a ton of large knives (chef, santoku) and the 17×13 holds about 8 of them on one side, and the other side is also magnetic and I keep my smaller knives.

Pebble Ice Maker – This is a splurge item but I love ice, and lots of it. The ice maker connected to my refrigerator broke 3 times (although the fridge still works great) and rather than paying for more and more ice maker repairs, I decided to buy this almost a year ago and it’s been a great buy! You have a container full of freshly made pebble ice in less than 45 minutes. I have the model with the side tank for convenience.

Vitamix – Another big ticket item but I love this thing and I’ve had many Vitamixes, but I really like the low profile canister so I can keep it on the counter, but it’ll clear underneath my cabinets.

Health and Beauty

Elta MD Sunscreen – Favorite facial sunscreen I have ever used. My teenager uses it too without causing breakouts. The best.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – My hair is not naturally strong and I’ve tried every collagen, biotin, lotion and potion, and these have been my go-to for years. You have to take them daily for at least 3 months to notice a difference, but your hair, skin, and nails will all thank you.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo – I don’t cheat on this shampoo. We all have our favorite shampoos and this is mine. It lathers and cleans my hair without stripping it. Some sulfate-free shampoos leave a lot to be desired, but not this one for my naturally dry hair.

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner – This is the conditioner I don’t cheat on. It has a tingly, minty, cooling feeling which is great in the summer.

Natural Vitality Calm – We are all likely magnesium deficient. Google it and do your research but this is my favorite mag supplement. I sleep better and feel so much better with this.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream – This smells heavenly! It is a strong smell for a cream or lotion, and if you’re someone that doesn’t like a pretty high level of fragrance to your creams (think Bath and Body Works scent intensity), this won’t be for you. But it just smells like summer, carefree days, and smells “tropical” rather than true coconutty if that makes sense. Smells nothing like actual Rio de Janeiro (I’ve been) haha. It’s not greasy at all. My fiance gifted it to me for Valentine’s Day and said when I run out, he’s buying me more because he loves it on me. I don’t know if it firms and lifts “dramatically” but there is some benefit in that department, too.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – Not interested in $50 creams (above) and $6 bucks is more your speed? Then this one is for you. I’ve been using this for almost 30 years, it has a wonderful coconut aroma, which is semi-strong but fades after about 15 minutes, and does a great job of hydrating dry, dry skin without feeling greasy. This is my go-to year round all over body cream, but especially in the winter.

Crest 3D White – Get those choppers white and bright!

CocoFloss – A thick, expanding type of floss that really, really gets in between your teeth in a way that even Glide just cannot. If you’re a nerd about floss like me, try it.

Clothing + Wearables

Folding Keychain Reading Glasses – The BEST purchase I’ve made in 2023. I love, love, love these little mini readers that fold up into my tiny purses and evening bags. They truly fold into nothing. It’s almost like magic when you open up your pair of glasses, no one can believe that a pair of glasses can be so small. Best practical gift you can give anyone 40+ IMO!

Copycat Lululemon Fanny Pack – I have the real one and this knockoff. They are both great, but this one is one-third the price of the real one.

Pashmina Shawl – I have this in black and coral. Thick (not paper thin like many), ultra soft, and actually warm. I use them on airplanes, in drafty restaurants, and anytime I know I will be cold but don’t want to wear a huge sweater.

Balega Ultraglide Cushioning Socks – As an avid runner (I hit 20,000 steps 5+ days per week), I am also prone to blisters on my feet, especially in warmer weather. I have tried every sock in the world to combat it. These are the best anti-blister socks and just the right thickness-thinness with the perfect amount of cushioning where you need it.

Lightweight Compactable Backpack – I have the 24L in blue which is more like a vibrant, jewel-toned aqua. This things folds up into the size of a tennis ball but when it expands, you can fit plenty – from a beach towel, change of clothes, and snacks, to whatever you want to carry.

Mini Travel Ceramic Flat Iron – Tiny but super mighty is how I would describe this. I brought it to Europe last summer because it’s dual voltage, and on every stateside trip since. It’s a workhorse despite its super compact size.

Travel Flat Iron + Curler – Can’t decide to bring your flat iron or your curler on a trip? This solves your problem. IMO the flat iron is a bit better than the curler, but for travel it’s more than fine. It’s also dual voltage in case you’ve got a Europe trip planned.

Travel Collapsible Hair Dryer – My go-to travel hair dryer because it folds in half, is dual voltage, and actually dries your hair. I never rely on an Airbnb or hotel hair dryer and this is always in my bag.

European Travel Plug Adapter – I brought a half dozen of these to Europe for 3 people and they were all always in use between all of our electronics.

Leather Passport Holder – High quality for a great price and the exterior rubber band strap gives extra peace of mind that nothing will fall out.


Minimalist Lamp – Small living room and need light but don’t want a big honkin’ lampshade? This lamp goes from very dim to extremely bright, and from yellow light to white light, with the touch of a remote. Love it.

Ring Stickup Cam – I’ve had mine for about 3 years and have bought other brands before, and after, at similar price points and for me, these are the best of the bunch. If you’re looking for a PRIME DEAL, this is it.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum – I use my cordless Dyson every.single.day. Sometimes multiple times per day. From my long haired cat, to my teenager (and her beach sand), and all the cooking and therefore all the food particles that fall on the floor, and just life in general, I couldn’t live without this. This is the V11 Animal (newest) and the V8 Animal (older). They both work amazingly well. The V11 has more bells and whistles, battery lasts longer (you can vacuum more before it needs a charge), and it’s more powerful – but they are both fantastic.

Outlet Extender + Charging Ports – This is what I have in my house because it’s old and was wired for like 1 lamp with 1 electrical outlet in the entire living/dining room. This saves the day.

Home Office Lap Desk – Great for those who want to lounge with their laptop and also have an exterior mouse. A comfy yet sturdy lap desk and I love the mouse ledge so that I don’t have to try to find another spot that my mouse will “respond” to or work on.

Cushioned Wrist or Elbow Rest – I have had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel (elbow) surgeries. Brutal I tell you. These cushioned pads are a must for me to remain comfortable while working long hours at my desk and computer.

Ergonomic Mouse Pad – I like this one because it has a slimmer profile and takes up less precious desk space than some of the more basic ones you’d find at your local office supply store.

Ergonomic Foot Support Rest – If you work long hours at a desk or computer, or suffer from any circulation issues in your legs and feet, this little soft stool has been a lifesaver. The “sticky” portion on the underside is sufficiently strong that I can put the full force of my leg weight on it, and it doesn’t slide around on my hardwood floor.


I read about 2 books per month. These are books that I’ve read recently (some of them, I’m very late to the party) but they stand out for me.

Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid – Probably my favorite book of all time. I have since read every single book of TJR’s minus Carrie Soto (on my to be read list) and I love her as an author so, so much!

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown – When you just need something a bit more than another beach read or rom-com, this thriller (not my usual genre) was fabulous. Social media issues that I could relate to as well.

The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand – Came out in 2010, and I’ve read many EH books since, but this is without a doubt my favorite from her. Restaurant and foodie vibes galore.

The Idea of You by Robinne Lee – Super steamy, sizzling, and not for the faint of heart if love scenes are not for you. But apart from that, the romance fascinated me.

Emily Henry – Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation, Book Lovers, and Happy Place. I loved them all. They are summer reads, beach reads, light, fun, and a bit predictable, but great nonetheless and if you haven’t read them, they’re perfect for summer.

Paris Hilton – Her memoir was shocking to me. I had no idea, none, zero, any of the horrible things she endured in her upbringing and formative years. If you think she’s just a spoiled rich girl, this book will without a doubt change your mind.

Prince Harry’s Spare – Another one that I had no idea what his life was like, such as his time in the British Army. I don’t follow Royal culture at all, but this gave me insight into not only Princess Diana’s death, but into what it must be like living with constant paparazzi and press surrounding you.