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Easy Tiramisu – Fraiche Living

A simplified version of a classic Italian dessert, this Easy Tiramisu is perfect to make-ahead for a heavenly no-bake summer treat.

Tiramisu Ingredients

Traditionally, tiramisu consists of ladyfingers dipped in coffee and layered with a combination of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and cocoa powder. This Easy Tiramisu stays true to these fundamental elements with the same flavours (and is a little lighter in texture) with a little less work.

  • Ladyfingers: an Italian biscuit; the brand we used is Savoiardi
  • Mascarpone cheese: if whipped cream and cream cheese had a baby, this would be it
  • Coffee: this needs to be strong brewed or espresso for the flavour to come through!
  • Kahlua: this is optional (but recommended)
  • Whipping cream
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Cocoa powder: for dusting on top

Traditional tiramisu uses raw egg yolks and sugar beaten and then combined with raw whipped egg whites and mascarpone. My version omits the eggs and uses whipped cream for lightness and simplicity!

How To Make Tiramisu

Consider it like a dessert layered lasagna of sorts!

  1. Mix filling. Whip the whipping cream separately, and in another bowl, mix together the mascarpone, sugar and vanilla before folding it all together.
  2. Dip ladyfingers. Combine the espresso and liqueur (if using) in a shallow bowl and dip the ladyfingers on both sides. Don’t let them soak too long, just a quick little dip!
  3. Layer mascarpone. Add a smooth layer of the whipped mixture on top of the ladyfingers.
  4. Repeat. Add another layer of dipped ladyfingers, and another layer of the whipped mixture.
  5. Chill. I let mine chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight. Dust with cocoa powder before serving!

Simple Dessert Recipes

I am a sucker for a simple yet flavourful desserts: bonus points if it’s no-bake! If you liked this tiramisu, then these others will be right up your alley:

Easy Tiramisu Recipe

Easy Tiramisu

A simple version of a classic, this Easy Tiramisu is the perfect make-ahead, no-bake, dessert.


  • 1 ½
    whipping cream
  • 475
    container mascarpone
  • ½
  • 2
  • ¼
  • 1 ½
    espresso or strong coffee
  • 28
    Savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits
  • cocoa powder
    for garnish


  1. In a large bowl, whip the whipping cream until medium stiff peaks form.

  2. In a separate large bowl, beat together the mascarpone with the sugar and vanilla. Fold in the whipped cream, using a spatula, until just combined.

  3. In a shallow medium dish, mix together the Kahlua and espresso or coffee. Dip each ladyfinger biscuit into the coffee briefly on both sides, placing enough to cover one layer of the bottom of the pan: do not over-soak.

  4. Using a spatula, spread ½ of the mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers in the pan. Repeat with another layer of the coffee-dipped ladyfingers and finish with spreading the remaining mascarpone mixture on top.

  5. Cover and chill at least 4 hours or overnight. Dust with cocoa powder and serve scoops or slices. Keeps for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.