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Easy Quick Pickling Recipes – Fraiche Living

I love quick pickling! It’s fast, easy to make, and no need for sterilizing jars or special equipment. Here are my 5 Easy Quick Pickling Recipes!

If you’re busy (and impatient) like me, then you’ll like “quickling” (quick + pickling). Why not enjoy your hard-ish work so much sooner and ditch the extra time and mess? Full disclosure: I’m allergic to canning. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but for some reason the thought of canning makes me run for the hills. If you’re with me, these recipes are for you! Note that they must be refrigerated and used within about a month (varies by recipe).

Starting off strong here! I make these Quick Pickled Red Onions once a week (seriously). The best part is they can be enjoyed within the hour! I love them on bowls, tacos, burgers, salads, eggs, and anything else in need of some acid and crunch. Click HERE for the recipe.

This recipe is perfect if you have an abundance of jalapeños in your garden or fridge! Remove the seeds if you aren’t a big fan of heat, and enjoy these as early as 1 day after making them. I use them on tacos (they are great as a quick substitute when you run out of jalapeños for some recipes). Store them in the fridge for up to 1 month. Click HERE for the recipe.

It wouldn’t be a “quickle” roundup without a classic dill pickle! Grab a bunch of small Kirby pickling cucumbers or small Persian cucumbers (I found this guide to cucumbers helpful) and get ready for better than store-bought crunchy pickles. These would be dynamite in your next Homemade Tartar Sauce for Salmon Cakes! Grab the recipe HERE.

If you’re looking for something a little different you should try Charles’ Hungarian Summer Pickles (Kovászos uborka)! The recipe was passed down from his parents: they sit for up to 5 days to ferment along with sourdough bread and actually do not have vinegar. Charles calls them Sun Pickles and grew up devouring them on repeat each summer.

The perfect companion to your cheese and crackers! These Quick Bread & Butter Pickles are sweet, tangy, and ready in 2-3 days. I grew up with these as a staple in our fridge, and this quick homemade version trumped any store bought version I have ever had.

Never run out of pickled ginger with your sushi again! Whip up this super easy Quick Pickled Ginger and keep it on hand in the fridge in case of emergency. I love this Quick Pickled Ginger on top of my Tuna Poke Bowls, alongside the Tuna Stacks, and with the Crispy Rice with Sweet and Spicy Shrimp.