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Easy Banana Pancakes – Creme De La Crumb

Total Time: 30 minutes

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Fluffy and delicious, easy banana pancakes recipe you’ll want to whip up for every occasion big and small. Make a batch in advance and keep them on hand for busy mornings!

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banana pancakes with syrup pouring on top

Why This Recipe Works

Use up those Bananas — I would wager a bet that nearly every household in America has some browning bananas on their counter right now. What better way to use them up than to make some healthy banana pancakes? 

So easy — They’re not called easy banana pancakes for nothing. 20 minutes total is all you need to both make the pancake batter, cook, and serve them to your adorning breakfast crowd. 

Simple ingredients — Got bananas? Then you’re nearly there. You probably also have all the ingredients needed for this banana pancakes recipe right in your pantry and fridge. It could not get any simpler. 
Great to make in bulk — This recipe calls for using up two bananas. But I’ve been known to double and even triple this recipe to save some for later (they freeze so well, too…but more on that later). Another tip? Do you ever go to the reduced produce bin and see a bunch of browning bananas for dirt cheap? That’s where this recipe comes in. Save those bananas from a landfill and make up a huge batch of easy banana pancakes.


Simple, easy ingredients for a simple, easy banana pancakes recipe!

six steps of preparing banana pancakes
  • Flour — Any all-purpose flour is great. Substitute wheat if you like a little more nutrition and a slightly nutty taste. 
  • Baking Powder — Baking powder is key to help these rise and have great texture.
  • Cinnamon — Cinnamon is the key to great tasting banana pancakes. 
  • Salt — Just a pinch of salt helps all the flavors come together and taste just right. 
  • Bananas — You’ll need one sliced banana and one mashed. The browner the better. 
  • Eggs — I use regular old large eggs. 
  • Plain Yogurt or Buttermilk — Either option gives the banana pancakes a little bit of tang and also some moisture which is key for a nice, soft, melt-in-your mouth healthy banana pancake. 
  • Olive Oil —  Olive oil adds some moisture and helps to make a light, fluffy pancake. 
  • Maple Syrup — Just a dash for flavor plus extra for serving. I do love the subtle sweetness of real maple syrup but store-bought is great too. 
  • Vanilla — Again, for flavor, you want to add a little vanilla. 
  • Cooking Spray or Melted Butter — Use cooking spray or butter in the pan before cooking the banana pancakes — keeps them from sticking and helps them to brown.

Here’s How You Make It

Here’s what I do: Wake the kids and while they spend the next 20 minutes complaining about having to get up, I’m making the pancakes. They’re ready when they finally stumble down the steps. 

six steps of preparing banana pancakes
  1. First thing: Whisk together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt, and set the dry ingredients aside.
  2. Next mix the wet ingredients together: the mashed banana, eggs, yogurt (or buttermilk), oil, maple syrup and vanilla all get mixed together until they’re nice and smooth. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry flour mixture and stir it all together until just combined.
  3. Now for cooking the easy banana pancakes. First, heat a large, non-stick frying pan or skillet over medium heat. Add the cooking spray spray or melted butter to the hot pan or griddle before making the pancakes. Add the batter to create your desired pancake size. Because I like to be extra, I always place a couple of slices of banana on top of each spoonful of batter as it’s added to the pan. 
  4. You’ll want to work in batches to ensure your cooked pancakes stay warm and ready to serve. I cook each pancake for a few minutes on each side until they are  cooked through and the banana slices (once flipped) have had a few minutes to caramelize.
  5. Serve with maple syrup.
stack of banana pancakes with piece missing
Are banana pancakes supposed to be gooey?

The short answer is: no, banana pancakes shouldn’t be gooey. They should be moist, sure, but not mushy. If they’re gooey then they’re either not cooked through all the way or you’ve added too much banana. You might want to go all-in on the bananas and maybe add 3 or 4 because you have them to use, but that would be a mistake. Two is plenty in this healthy banana pancakes recipe. 

One other reason you could have gooey pancakes on the inside is that you’ve got your pan or griddle up too high and it’s cooking the outside much faster than the inside. A medium heat is plenty. Be patient, they will uniformly cook in no time.

Can you make pancake batter the night before?

Yes, you can totally make this banana pancake recipe the night before. I would make the whole recipe as-is, except for the sliced banana. Wait to add that until you’re cooking the easy banana pancakes.

Expert Tips and Tricks

  • Want a healthier option in the morning? Then sub in some or all of the all-purpose flour for wholemeal flour.
  • If you want to make a large batch of these pancakes, make them all at once (don’t worry about batches because you won’t be serving them warm). Let them cool completely, and stack up with wax or parchment paper in between each pancake then add to an airtight bag or container and pop in the freezer for up to 5 months. 
  • Be careful not to over-stir the batter. Over stirring can lead to flat, rubbery pancakes. Just stir until combined.
stack of pancakes with bananas and syrup

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stack of banana pancakes with piece missing

Easy Banana Pancakes

Fluffy and delicious, easy banana pancakes recipe you’ll want to whip up for every occasion big and small. Make a batch in advance and keep them on hand for busy mornings!