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Boo Board – Easy Halloween Charcuterie Board

Kick off your trick or treating right this year with our spin on a healthy, halloween charcuterie and snack tray. We like to call it our Boo Board.

Healthy Halloween Treats

I love Halloween and have since I was a kid. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Free candy and you get to dress up in costume…yes please!

My kids are no strangers to candy and treats, but we like to try and balance out the sugar with some healthy treats.

Boo Board – Halloween Charcuterie and Snack Tray

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween charcuterie board? Especially this one because not only is it festive but it’s so easy to put together.

Yogurt Mummies

yogurt mummies halloween charcuterie

I love making these every year. Simply take the yogurt tube of your choice and wrap with cheesecloth to create a mummy. For the eyes, you can cut little eyes out of construction paper or use stickers.

My kids had a halloween sticker book they picked up at the dollar store, so I just found some eye stickers in there. In place of cheesecloth, you could also use ace bandages or a distressed table cloth to create the mummies.

Fun tip – you can freeze the yogurt tubes so the kids can enjoy frozen yogurt as well. They stand up a bit easier when frozen as well.

If you aren’t sure what type of yogurt to try, check out this post on Choosing a Healthy Yogurt.

Mini Pumpkin Oranges

mini orange pumpkins healthy halloween snack

These are so easy and cute to create. Simply peel a little cutie or mandarin orange. Take a small piece of cucumber and stick in the top for the pumpkin stem.

Olive Eyeballs

olive eyeball halloween charcuterie board

My kids love black olives and this is the easiest part of the board. Simply place whole, black olives in a bowl. I found these sugar eyeballs at the grocery store, near the holiday baking aisle.

Peanut Butter Bog

peanut butter bog snack

For this part, I simply took dried bananas (watch out for brands with lots of added sugars or oils) and stuck them in a bowl of peanut butter. A delicious snack and festive at the same time.

String Cheese Ghosts

string cheese ghost snack

The easiest snack on the planet. Simply take string cheese and draw a ghost face with a non-toxic marker. It seems silly but the kids LOVE these.

healthy halloween charcuterie boo board

Then to finish off the halloween charcuterie board, I simply added fruit (grapes and raspberries) along with pretzel thins.

I added some non-edible festive decor in the form of mini-skeletons and bouncy ball eyeballs I found at the grocery store.

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Last modified: October 13, 2023