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Amanda Hesser’s Favorite Gifts to Give

Amanda Hesser’s Favorite Gifts to Give

I wish I could say I’m a daring and eccentric gift giver, who bestows friends with the work of up-and-coming artists or rare vintage ceramics. But I lean practical, and like to give great, peripheral accessories and introduce friends to high-quality basics. I gravitate toward things that people either don’t purchase for themselves (pitchers, linen napkins) or that they buy of lesser quality (cake pans, baking sheets, pantry ingredients). Here are some new Shop products that make the cut.

1. Modern Classic Ceramic Cake Stand

Every kitchen looks more inviting with a cake stand on the counter! The dome is a much-needed accessory that people rarely spring for. Your giftee will be grateful you did.

2. Kally Sparkling Chardonnay Verjus Alcohol-Free Duo

Everyone I’ve introduced to Kally becomes obsessed with it. Each of their sparkling drinks have pleasing complexity and a soft touch.

3. Craftspring Tin of Sardine Ornament

This ornament is made with excellent craftsmanship, and is cute to boot!

4. Round Stainless-Steel Cake Pan With Parchment

I see it as my mission to improve the quality of bakeware that my friends and family use. These sturdy, steel cake pans hold heat evenly and have a smart handle feature, which makes fetching them from a hot oven easier.

5. Five Two Adjustable Teak Rolling Pin

We designed this rolling pin with our community’s input. It has measurements on the pin and silicone rings that act as guides so you roll your pastry and cookies to the right thickness (or thinness).

6. Five Two Kitchen Utensil Collection

These cooking utensils were also created in collaboration with our community. The handles fit comfortably in your grip, the spatula flexibility and draining slots were designed to our home cooks’ specifications, and the silicone spatulas have just the right mix of rigidity and give.

7. Dansk Købenstyle Butter Warmer

This is my go-to for delighting the giftee. Everyone loves this adorable pan! Great for making hot chocolate, warming a single serving of soup, and melting butter in style.

8. Kolsvart Swedish Gummy Fish Trio

These currently rank as the best tasting Swedish fish I’ve ever had. Slam dunk stocking stuffer.

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