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90 Day Male Fat Loss Transformation

Check out this Amazing Story.  90 Day Male Fat Loss Transformation .  When you get your mindset aligned properly and follow the plan, you can achieve absolutely amazing things!!  Get healthy, lose fat, build muscle, get stronger.  Regardless of your goals we can help you

Male Fat Loss


Blake’s Results (12 Weeks Lose Weight Feel Great Plan)

Starting Weight- 170lb, Final Weight – 157 lbs

Starting Stomach- 36″, Final Stomach 32.5″

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Blake’s Story- 90 Day Male Fat Loss Transformation

I was involved with sports growing up and have always worked to stay in decent shape. Working out has always proven to be a good stress relief for me, and I was pretty consistent with it. However, I found myself in a rut with my routine and was not sure how to shake it.

I am 48 years old. I have a wonderful wife, two fantastic kids, and three dogs. Combine that with a full time job, and life is pretty busy. My weak point has always been eating. I don’t eat terribly, but I also do not turn down a piece of cake someone may bring into the office. Fortunately, my genetic makeup has helped me avoid being overweight, but as I have become older, my mid-section was not as flat as it used to be. Just a lack of discipline on my part in that regard.

While I wanted to try different workout plans, I was hesitant to do so. Mainly because I would wonder will this program really make a difference. If it doesn’t, have I just wasted several weeks and now I have to gain back what I lost. There are a lot of options out there, but I did not want a cookie cutter program and I knew I needed to have accountability as part of the program. In walks Hitch Fit.

In researching Hitch Fit, there were several pieces of their business that appealed to me:
1. Both Micah and Diana were in my general age range and would understand the struggles of battling Father Time!
2. Both of them have already been successful in the fitness industry, so you had confidence that they knew what they were talking about
3. You could tell that their process was well thought out and intentional
4. I was drawn to their faith based approach to business. This is an important part of my life and it was encouraging to see that it is also important to them. Especially in seeing how they support different ministries.
5. Finally, it is always nice to support a small, local business, even if it is not local to me.

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After taking the first step and purchasing the Lose Weight Feel Great Plan and taking those awkward first pictures, I submitted my information on their site. Micah reached out and told me the program I asked about was not the one I needed and gave me the reasons why. I told him he is the expert, so tell me what to do and let’s get after it.

Certainly there were times where I was not spot on with the workouts, diet, or cardio. I worked not to let that happen much at all, because I knew Monday morning I had to check in with Micah and tell him how things went for the week. To his credit, if I did not hit the mark he would tell me so and then push me to do better in the coming week. This is the accountability I needed.

The diet was certainly the hardest part for me. Cardio was also a component I had not spent much time doing. I’ve never been a fan of cardio, but knew it was necessary. As with many things, once you force yourself to begin something it becomes easier over time, which is what happened with the cardio piece.

From my standpoint, I’m happy to recommend Hitch Fit to anyone looking to make a change in their fitness level, regardless of what your starting point may be.

As I finish out the 12 weeks with Micah, I’m appreciative of the expertise and guidance he has offered me over this period of time. I know both he and Diana have a lot going on professionally, and I’m thankful that he took the time each week to respond to my emails and questions. For me, I like working toward specific goals and am pretty proud to have finished out this program strong, with Micah’s encouragement. Life is hectic, but to stay the course with the three phases (diet, cardio, workouts) throughout the 12 weeks was an accomplishment for me.

Program Choice: Lose Weight

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