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6 Momo, Soup & Noodle Meal Ideas Perfect For Meal Times by Archana’s Kitchen

Winters are just around the corner or we can say it already started in some of the states of India. Chilled weather, cozy bed covers and delicious hot and piping food is all we need during this time to enjoy a perfect Winter night. Well, there are many famous Indian dishes such as Bhajiyas, Shorba, Chaats which can satisfy our taste buds, but nothing can beat a meal of Momo, Soup and Noodle, especially for a person who loves Asian food.

If you love Asian Food, just like us, then we are sure you will love these mouth watering meals. In these meals, we have some delicious momos or dimsums which has both vegetarian and non vegetarian fillings. The best thing about them is that you can fill these momos with the fillings of you choice. Like, if you prefer Mushrooms, you can make a spicy filling of it and add in your momos. Just like this, there are too many options of filling such as Chicken, Prawns etc or if you prefer Vegetables, you can add Bell Peppers, Spring Onions, Corn or Paneer, Tofu etc.

Along with these delicious momos, we have some warm Soups and Noodles to pair with it which makes a delicious full meal. While the soups are warm and hearty, you can make different types of noodles to0. Noodle with different types of sauce, vegetables or any Non Veg option, you can make it according to your taste and preference. We here at Archana’s Kitchen loves when the noodles are a little spicy in this combination. In Non Veg Options, you can skip the chicken and add Paneer or Tofu and vice versa.

So what are you waiting for? Do try these combinations for your Winter night dinners and we are sure even your kids will love them.

1. Cantonese Style Dimsums, Vegetable Clear Soup & Chicken Mie Goreng

2. Paneer Tikka Momo, Potato and Spring Onion Soup & Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

Paneer Tikka Momo Recipe

3. Shanghai Style Mantou, Lemon Coriander Soup & Chicken Teriyaki Noodle

4. Chicken Schezwan Momo, Chinese Chicken Sweet Corn Soup Recipe & Indo Chinese Chicken Hakka Noodles

5. Sweet Corn Spring Onion Momo, Vegetable Manchow Soup & Honey and Sesame Tossed Flat Noodles With Toasted Tofu

6. Chilli Cheese Mushroom Momo, Vegetarian Tom Yum Soup & Spicy Sichuan Vegetarian Noodles