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10 Breakfast Combos From Around The World To Spike Up Your Weekday by Archana’s Kitchen

Most of us love the breakfasts that can be made in a jiffy and with less effort that goes into it, when we think about every day’s breakfast specifically during the working days. Working mornings are many-a-times overloaded with pressure to do things faster and run to attend to our work or studies. And then we tend to miss out on most important nutrition pump in the day, which is due to provide us energy to keep up with our tasks all day long.

How does the idea of a breakfast combo that gives an energy boost and also is ready within an hour sound? You and your family will get all the nutrition that can be derived from this breakfast and also fits into your morning schedule.

Here’re 10 delicious breakfast ideas from around the world so that you can have a chance to serve your family exotic breakfast once in a while. Bank on these carefully selected combinations that will help you combine energy, nutrition and that can be made within 30 minutes to 45 minutes. You can also prep the veggies that are required for the combo, early in the morning or the day before, to make this further easier. Have a neat plan for what to cook the next morning and you will see that the work flows even more smoother.

1. Nutella Pancakes & Hot Coffee Latte Recipe

You can freeze the nutella in parchment papers to make the round discs of nutella ahead of time. And then you can make the pancake batter to cover the delicious nutella within, to make these nutella stuffed pancakes. This goes divinely well with a cup of Hot Coffee latte recipe that is made with microwave frothed milk and espresso. you can also use the espresso that you make everyday mornings at home if your folks love coffee or espresso. You can make the espresso ahead of time if you want to tweak in the time for its preparation as well.

Nutella Pancakes Recipe

Hot Coffee Latte Recipe

2. Bread Waffle Pizza, Boiled Egg, & Juice

Instead of leavened batter or dough, bread is placed in the waffle with cheese and veggies -onions, tomatoes, bell peppers & sweetcorn to make a savoury treat to please you and your family. You just have to arrange everything in the waffle maker to to get this waffle ready and added ketchup to serve. To fill in the portion of the proteins that is usually deficit with just veggies in breakfast, make a boiled egg per person that is ready in about 12 minutes. Couple it with a refreshing Ice-Apple And Plum Rose Juice Recipe for a complete breakfast.

3. Breakfast Casserole & Mulled Apple Juice

Creamy Spinach And Potato Breakfast Casserole Recipe is a casserole recipe loaded with crispy potatoes, minced soya chunks instead of meat, garlic, eggs and made to make your taste buds happy. You can use minced meat as well, if you prefer and if it is handy. Heat sugar, orange zest, allspice powder, cloves, star anise and cinnamon, along with orange and apple juice for about 4 minutes and you are done with this juice. You may do it the previous evening to consume it chilled in the morning.

4. Breakfast Bread Pizza & Nutty Delight Smoothie

Slices of breads are grilled with diced tomatoes, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, green chillies and sharp cheddar cheese to make this Breakfast bread pizza. You can just add the veggies from your pantry and bake them to get this breakfast done. Meanwhile, you can prepare a nutty delight smoothie by blending in the flax, melon, amaranth and chia seeds with banana, dates, and milk to provide a yummy twist to a healthy breakfast.

5. Fresh Fruits, Milk & Homemade Granola

Cut you favourite fruits in season into a bowl and add some delicious and completely homemade granola and add plain milk and some honey or maple syrup to taste. Your simple yet delicious breakfast is ready in minutes with this. You can either use cold or hot milk as per your choice. But you will have to make homemade granola ahead of time, may be on a sunday that will last for a couple of weeks if stored under hygienic conditions.

Fresh Fruit Bowl Recipe

6. Herb & Cheese Mushroom Omelette & Smoothie

The mushroom filling can be prepared the previous night and then the omelette can be prepared the next morning and filled with roasted mushrooms, to prepared this herb & Cheese mushroom omelette. Pair it along with a nutritious smoothie with banana, yogurt and walnut, for a simple blending of all ingredients together. This yogurt/curd based smoothie also keeps your body cooler through the day and the probiotic natural bacteria in it keeps your tummy healthy and happy.

7. Scrambled Egg Sandwich, Oranges With Cottage Cheese & Hot Chocolate

Prepare scrambled eggs easily within a few minutes, sandwich them into a brown bread along with cucumbers to prepare this scrambled egg sandwich. Also lay fresh orange segments on a small bowl of homemade chenna/cottage cheese to pair with it. Oomph up your morning with a cup of quickly made hot chocolate along with your breakfast. This whole breakfast is prepared in about 30-40 minutes, and yet is wholesome and filling. Make sure you have chenna/cottage cheese made the previous night if you are using the homemade cottage cheese.

8. Vegetable Sandwich & Smoothie with Peanut Butter and Oats

Have some boiled potatoes in refrigerator, with which you can make this Vegetable Sandwich Recipe with Mashed Avocado and Cottage Cheese, that also has slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, and shredded cabbage. Pair it along with a tall glass of smoothie based on peanut butter, oats, bananas to make it a complete meal.

9. Muesli, Oats Waffle Served With Apricots & Cucumber, Kiwi Smoothie

Muesli and Oats Waffle with Apricots Recipe is a quick recipe made wholly with oat flour and muesli with no sugar added. It is then studded with chopped apricots, which will give a rich texture to the waffle. For this early morning delicious sweet treat, have an amazingly refreshing cucumber smoothie with a punch of kiwi within. Just blend the ingredients together for a minute and you are ready with this smoothie.

10. Spicy Baked Beans With Potato Cakes & Golden Glow Smoothie

This Spicy Baked Beans With Potato Cakes is made with is made from canned beans, tomato puree, and button mushrooms as main ingredients for the saucy beans and the pan fried potato cakes. Have the boiled potatoes in the freezer ready, made ahead of time, to prepare this recipe within 20 minutes. Prepare smoothie with carrot, orange, papaya, ginger, and haldi to pair it along with the potato cakes.